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My approach to psychotherapy is integrative, or in other words, multi-disciplinary, which means that I may use, for example,   CBT alongside psychoanalysis, depending on the presenting issues.


A lot has changed in the field of mental health treatments in recent decades and advances in the neurosciences have facilitated a convergence of traditionally ‘competing’ therapeutic modalities.  I believe nowadays  there is a  recognition that despite differences in terminology, there are also many overlaps among the different approaches which can be assimilated for the benefit of the client. An integrated approach can be quite helpful particularly in a landscape  where it seems that consumers are expected to understand the differences between a counsellor, a psychotherapist, a counselling psychologist or a psychologist (and many others).

All this means is that I tailor my approach  to the issues presented and the goals of the client. The new relational experiences that arise within an empathic therapeutic setting can help modulate the rigidity of clients' maladaptive patterns of dealing with their immediate world. 

Some of the therapeutic modalities I leverage:

Relational Psychoanalysis | Transference-focused | Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) | Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) | Mentalization | Humanistic  | Existential | Psychoanalysis | Gestalt | Schema Therapy | Neuro-psychotherapy | Person-Centered | Embodiment | Mindfulness 


Depression | Anxiety | Low self-esteem | Anger | OCD | PTSD | Emotional Vulnerability | Bereavement | Parenting | Relationships at work | Divorce and Separation | Bullying | Feelings of Emptiness | Loneliness and Isolation | Self-harming | Suicidal Thoughts | Panic Attacks | Professional and Personal Growth | 

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