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"I came to Marc when I was struggling after the breakdown of a long-term friendship. The covid pandemic had taken it's toll on all of us, and this friendship was another 'casualty'. I felt as if I could not 'get beyond' what had happened. I was having issues trusting others and trusting myself. It was a traumatic experience for me. Through my work with Marc, I was able to discover that I had unresolved grief following the death of my father, which had happened eight years prior to me coming to Marc. I had no idea that there was so much grief, locked deep inside, which needed to be processed. Marc helped me to achieve this. That 'locked door' was opened.  As a result, I now feel much better 'equipped' to deal with the problems that we inevitably all will face. I am not struggling anymore. I would recommend Marc for anyone dealing with such issues, accomplished through talking therapy techniques."

"I met Marc during a difficult period of my life. Marc helped me to acknowledge the complexities and severity of my everyday issues.He guided me in understanding the importance of personal space, how vital it is to protect it and not confuse it with selfishness. That resulted in tangible changes and improvement of my mental state."

"Thanks to Marc's kindness, attentiveness, rich experience, and skills as a professional therapist, he made me unearth some childhoods wounds that were impeding my relationships with the people I love. Marc's unwavering support proved invaluable and crucial as I was going through an extremely difficult period of my life. With his guidance, I was able to work through my unresolved pains and become much happier in myself, which in turn allows me to build much better relationships with others. Marc gave me the means and tools to overcome the challenges I was facing. I am profoundly grateful to Marc for making me the person I am today."

"I can’t say enough good words about my sessions with Marc. Going to therapy for the first time was a daunting and sceptical experience for me, but Marc helped me make some big steps in the early sessions which not only gave me confidence but also helped with fade my scepticism. I was that person who believed therapy was tricky road, where the patient could easily be taken advantage of because they were vulnerable. These thoughts were soon dispelled and I realised that there was actually no pressure to continue and I soon started to look forward to my weekly session. Marc was super accommodating when my work and home commitments meant we had to change our scheduled time slot. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone struggling with mental health."

"I have learned and grown a lot as a result of our work together.  You have lead me to many insights about the root causes of some of the behaviours that I would like to change, and you have given me the confidence that I have the ability to make the changes that I want to make.  It's been a pleasure working with you."

"Marc has very helpfully assisted me deal with the legacy of a past trauma I had repressed myself to survive. We worked constructively through the issues, enabling me to openly re-appraise what had happened, where I am now, and my next steps.."

"Despite early scepticism, the therapy I’ve had with you has been invaluable. Literally it has helped me put my life back on track. I immediately felt comfortable to discuss all matters with you and your approach was spot on in helping me make sense of what increasingly seemed a repetitive muddle. Thanks again for all of your help, I really do greatly appreciate it."

"I began therapy back in December 2018 and after speaking to two other therapists, I felt Marc was best suited to what I was aiming to achieve. I was apprehensive at first as this was my first time in therapy, and although the first two sessions felt like we had stuttered through them, the conversations soon started to flow. A lot of Marc’s suggestions made sense to me, I would take them home and try and use them to decipher my chaotic life. It wasn’t long until we started putting pieces of my life’s puzzle together and Marc was helpful and extremely supportive.Therapy was a completely different experience than what I had imagined and Marc taught me the importance of working with your therapist to achieve your goal.In the short space of six months, I feel like a completely different person thanks to the help from Marc. Completely recommended and I know if I required further therapy in future, this will be the only place I turn to."

"Marc has helped me enormously. He's challenged me a lot, and has supported me on my journey. I found that he was extremely attentive, with exceptional attention to detail, and a fantastic memory. Our sessions were not independent, but chapters all belonging to the same story. I would not hesitate to recommend his services."

"My girlfriend suggested I sought some therapy to deal with legacy issues, from childhood and past relationships.  After searching various websites and approaching a few therapists, I decided to run with Marc.  Due to lockdown, our only option was via video calls.  I found it easy to open up and talk frankly with someone outside of my groups of friends and colleagues.  Marc listened and made connections that I couldn’t see.  I would certainly recommend him if anyone is looking for help."

"Thank you so much for our Therapy sessions. You have helped me in ways I never imagined possible. For the first time in a long time, I saw how much unnecessary baggage I was carrying around and the damage it was doing. 

It was a blessing to be able to speak honestly, openly and freely without fear of judgement. In an environment of empathy, understanding and compassion. I'm sure you have this transformational effect on all your clients but I just want to let you know that you really are a credit to your profession and I sing your praises everywhere I go. "

"Over a year ago, out of the blue I started to suffer from anxiety attacks along with other mental health issues and realised I needed help. From our very first conversation Marc was honest, open and pragmatic about what I could expect from the sessions. During the sessions I always felt I could discuss anything and no matter how dark the subject matter got, I never felt any judgement from Marc which was especially important to me. Through Marc's guidance I found recurring themes and thought patterns which we worked on addressing, all of which obvious now had been ignored for years. My last session was around a year ago and through the skills I learnt and on going meditation I truly feel I have changed for the better. 

Everyone's journey is different and as Marc will tell you it's not magic, I still have my up and down moments but the rollercoaster is a lot flatter these days. If I ever need help in the future I wouldn't hesitate in contacting Marc again."

"I developed as a person and in my understanding of myself across my sessions with Marc. I was working with him to help navigate difficulties I was facing related to issues with fertility, but we went far beyond that and shone a light on reasons and connections with my mindset, my traits, and I learnt how to become more self-aware and improve the way I approach situations. I would definitely recommend him to others!"

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