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Modulating Explosive Anger In Situ

For Managing Anger, Aggression & Negative Emotions in real-time - this is not evidence-based science - try each one of these to see what works best for you in the moment.

Pumping your Stomach - If you can become aware of your anger, pumping your stomach is simple and it has the same physical effect as laughter. Repeatedly expel air by tightening stomach muscles close to the pelvic area. Looking to the left - Look up to the left to activate the right hemisphere of the brain to regulate emotion. Palms up- when you feel the rush of anger surging, quickly face your palms up. Acupressure - when you feel the rush of anger surging, touch/hold the areas of your own wrist or fingers as illustrated below.

Slow Mo - Work with slow, integrated, mindful movements of the arms and hands that simulate aggression. For example, practice pushing away in a slow, thoughtful, and contained manner rather than with an eruption of aggression. Bodily Awareness - Be aware of your bodily sensations when you feel good and attempt to replicate these to counteract the negative states. For example, if you experience a ‘lift’ or opening sensation of the chest, or a straightening sensation in your spine, or an ‘awareness’ of your forehead, try orienting toward this sensorimotor experience (i.e straighten your spine, focus on your forehead, push your chest out) when you are in the midst of negative affect.

EFT - tap the following areas on your face and body:


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